Johnstown School Board v. Rodriguez , a Fictional Case

Facts: Matthew Rodriguez is a member of the Johnstown High School baseball team. He is ranked one of the top players in the state. Baseball is what Matthew lives for. Johnstown's baseball team has made it to the state championship. The coach has told the team that all the top colleges will have scouts at the playoffs. It is even rumored that a few National and American leage teams will have scouts there.
A week before the playoffs, the coach informs the team that the school board has enacted a new drug testing program for all school athletes. Any student refusing to submit to a drug test will be barred from participating in all school sport activities, including the basesball playoffs.
Matthew is no saint, but he does not use any type of drug. He strongly believes, however, that the school has no right to force him to submit to a drug test, especially if no one has ever accused him of any drug use. What is he to do? If he refuses to submit to the test, he will be barred from the playoffs, possibly affecting his future in college baseball. If he submits to the test, he will be giving in to what he perceives to be a violation of his Fourth Amendement right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Johnstown School Board's Lawyer's Brief
Matthew Rodriguez's Lawyer's Brief

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